Information about living in Turkey:

Due to the intellectual, economic, and social progress that Turkey enjoys it has become a destination
for many to reside in and live in its cities and neighborhoods, as it has the foundations that underpin
the European Renaissance and the advanced countries, and in addition to that, the residents have found
in Turkey the safety they are looking for,as there are many common connections between Arab society in
general and the Turkish society

In the last two decades, Turkey distinguished by a remarkable qualitative transition at all levels, which
made it a destination for all nationalities and nations to reside in, in search of a decent life or to add
to this decent life a kind of financial investment through projects they establish and benefit from, to keep
on the lifestyle they have.








How-to and requirements of moving and living in Turkey

Many people ask about how they can come and live in Turkey, and we will explain in detail how people can move to Turkey.

The first step that guarantees you the move to Turkey to live in lies in applying to the Turkish embassies and obtaining
a visa, and after obtaining it, you can find several types of residency permits If you want to continue to stay on Turkish
land, where the residence permit enables you to continue your life normally. In Turkey, buying a property is still the top
of these options, and there is a short-term residence permit aka tourist stay, and there is a long-term residence permit,
or what is known as the permanent residence permit in Turkey,which is granted to those who reside over the Turkish lands
continuously without interruption for eight years according to specific conditions

There is also a residence permit through buying a property that is renewed every year,and it is also issued to the
wife/husband and children under the age of eighteen.








Advantages of living in Turkey

Perhaps one of the first important advantages of living in Turkey is a phenomenon that every resident felt, which is
the fact that there is no complexity, as the Turkish people are known for the simplicity in their life and the nature
of their living system this has been reflected in their official departments as well as their health,educational, and
service facilities significantly, even in the way they eat and drink, there are no such huge class differences.

Also, studying is one of the important aspects that the resident or investor really take in consideration, whether
continuing education for children or starting it,Turkey has attracted through the scholarship system many students
worldwide,which contributed to the formation of a positive Arab awareness that students have lived, and in turn,
they became ambassadors in their countries attracting more students, because Turkey has a great number of universities
with advanced international standards, which grants everyone the opportunity to pursue and complete their education

The cost of living in Turkey

Living in Turkey, in general, does not fall within the range of high cost, especially if it is compared to other countries
of the world that have similar characteristics in urbanization and classiness, where the minimum paycheck -or the minimum
wage- meets the human need in a decent medium-cost life, and this matter is also relative according to every person’s
financial capabilities and life needs.








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