Obtaining a Turkish passport: what are the legal requirements?

In response to a recurring question about how to obtain a Turkish passport, the Lebanese researcher Ali Bakir says on the issue of naturalization in particular:
The matter is subject to legal requirements, and if the applicant meets the legal requirements, his chances of obtaining Turkish citizenship will be high.

Bakir adds: Turkey is now one of the very few countries that enjoy stability in the region.
There are those who want her nationality, and they are often businessmen and investors.

He believed that Turkey is not an easy country for Arabs with limited or low incomes, and moving to it is not easy for them.

He pointed out that Turkey is like other countries that set conditions for obtaining citizenship and then benefit from the advantages of Turkish citizenship,
It also needs to attract expertise and competencies that it does not have and wants to maintain population growth to support economic growth in the long run.

Obtaining Turkish citizenship: a great demand in the real estate sector

The recent amendments approved about two months ago have contributed to accelerating the pace of foreign investors, especially Arabs, to own property in Turkey.
In order to obtain Turkish citizenship, and indeed, investors began to obtain citizenship after completing transactions at a record speed.

According to information obtained by Anatolia, investors from several nationalities, including Jordanian, Yemeni, Libyan and Iraqi investors,
I recently obtained citizenship after purchasing real estate worth 250,000 dollars, mortgaging it for a period of three years, and completing their transactions in all its security stages and others.

The Turkish National Statistics Authority stated in a report a few days ago that the percentage of real estate purchases by foreigners for 2018
It increased by 78.4% compared to 2017, through the sale of 93,663 properties.

Iraq topped the list of real estate buyers, followed by Iran, Saudi Arabia, then Russia, and Kuwait,
What shows the diversity of nationalities and their focus on the Middle East region, especially the Arab countries.

Obtaining a Turkish passport

Legal methods:
In light of the comprehensive renaissance witnessed by Turkey, the citizens of many countries in the region aspire to obtain a Turkish passport and enjoy its benefits,
In the following article, we review the official methods approved for obtaining it, in order to reach the fastest and most reliable way in this field.

Turkey presents a model of stability and development alongside the historical and civilizational heritage; What made it embrace nationalities from different countries of the world,Through many facilities for those who wish to settle there, and take advantage of the advantages of the Turkish passport.

The progress the country witnessed at all levels contributed to attracting those seeking stability, especially from the Arab region and the Middle East.
The Turkish authorities have positively dealt with the aspirations to grant a Turkish passport to those who deserve it and who meet certain criteria.

The state applies laws related to the methods of obtaining a Turkish passport to all foreigners, and they are defined in ways that we will mention,
Recently, concessions related to economic investment have been added to it, especially in the real estate sector.

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